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This site is called Swag Bucks.  It’s basically Google + prizes. You search with them just as you would with Google, but the key difference occurs when you win “swag bucks” after most searches. Every time you search with, you have a chance to earn from 1 to 5 Swag Bucks (on Fridays, you can win as many as 100 Swag Bucks in one search!). These Swag Bucks can be used to redeem thousands of prizes from our Swag Store. They can be redeemed for gift cards, books, sports memorabilia, video games, school supplies, etc. No credit card is ever required and its always 100% free!

You get 50 swag bucks just for signing up. Remember to confirm your email! You can also get codes for more swag bucks via updates on their twitter and Facebook pages. We'll help you out by posting when we find new codes as well.

It’s definitely worth checking out and we'll even start you off with a code for an extra 2 swag bucks. The code is freeswagcode (in all lower caps) and expires soon. Enjoy!


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